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Non-invasive monitoring and conservation


LED multispectral imaging coupled to monitoring  software 


       The isalit solution is able to detect degradations and damages of the object before they are visible to the human eye.






Surface pseudo-3D imaging coupled to monitoring software


       The solution developed by isalit enables the identification morfological changes, accidental damages and physical changes.







isalit on-field solution is offered to all customers that need to monitor the conservation state of their artworks and that do not have qualified presonal to use the instruments. 

Activities for remote support and consulting of our conservators will also be provided.

















By means of our qualified staff, we offer  consulting for the identification of the degradation causes, for the selection of best conservation strategies, and we restoration of artifacts.





LED  multispectral imaging and pseudo-3D imaging (RTI) techniques are able to detect automatically and in real time the state of conservation of cultural heritage.


Both methods developed by Isalit are not invasive: the monitored object is not subjected to any stress and the use of LED light cold minimizes the interaction with the object surface 


Monitoring the state of conservation of the works is very fast: in a few minutes our methods are able to scan entire objects.


Our solutions are developed to be easy and intuitive: will be organized training courses and workshop for our customers.


Our technology can be applied for various surfaces: manuscripts, paintings, frescoes, textiles, wooden objects and stones...

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The technology developed by isalit allows to alert conservator/restorer of the presence of dangerous degradative situations for the artwork before they are visible to human eyes and before significant damage appears. These tecniques are also very useful for monitoring the conservation state and to identify any damages of artworks when the artifacts are loan for exibithions.

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